5 Steps to Forgiveness #77

Christopher describes his personal life experience that helped him to realize how important forgiveness is. This takes a lot of hard work to accomplish but it is the most valuable. There came a moment in his life when he realized the resentment he had held for so many years was going to kill him. He […]


Why Meditate? 3 Major Benefits #76

Summary John Yax, co-founder of Yax Yoga Concepts and Yoga for Life Mastery, talks about the three major benefits of meditation. When the subject of meditation is brought up, people tend to get this idea that if they meditate they’ll end up having some kind of mystical experience. But, meditation is really more about getting […]


The 4 Step Path to Mastery #75

Summary Christoper Yax, founder of Yax Yoga Concepts and Hot House Yoga, discusses the framework they use to teach others how attain the Mastery level of any field of study. The four step process, in itself, is an easy concept. But, as with most anything we try to learn, if we desire to achieve this […]


What is Chemical Free Living #74

  Have you heard about chemical free living? We don’t realize that the stuff that we use everyday are full of these chemicals. Shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, the stuff we use to wash our clothes and even make-up.


The Misperception of Mastery #73

  Most of us, when we have conversations about what Mastery is, we immediately think, I’m not a master. I started martial arts when I was 18. John started when he was 18. Two years later, he and I were doing it together. It was valuable. We did the effort, we were doing it every […]


Stop Talking and Start Listening #72

  How do we handle situations when someone close to us starts to tell us what they are really feeling? Sometimes people just need to tell someone what they are really feeling and unburden themselves of that weight they are carrying. They are not really asking for anything, but just that someone who will listen.

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