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Secrets to a Wide Leg Press Up #30

John Yax demonstrates how to work the press up, starting with a wide-leg press up for an easier experience. Try to work one leg at a time and play with the balance since having one leg lifted makes for a lighter second leg to lift. Try this technique and let us know how it goes […]


How to Warrior Two – Yoga Tutorial #11

Sarah Yax with Yax Yoga Concepts demonstrates the proper positioning for Warrior Two in order to practice with good alignment and structure. The first step is ensuring that the knee is over the ankle and avoid being too deep in the posture so that the hip also does not drop lower than the knee. Yax […]


How to Downward Facing Dog – Yoga Tutorial #10

Chris Yax, with Yax Yoga Concepts demonstrates how to properly get into downward dog starting with child’s pose. The tutorial emphasizes keeping your spine straight and knees bent in order to accommodate your level of flexibility. Yax Yoga Concepts has a variety of tutorial videos aimed at breaking down the postures taught in its Vinyasa […]


Jump Up or Float Up – Yoga Tutorial #9

  Chris Yax, with Yax Yoga Concepts demonstrates how to Jump Up or Float Up from down dog with the aim to jump his feet forward between his hands. There is an emphasis on sealing the core, which means lifting the pelvic floor, pulling the pit of the abdomen in and up, and drawing the […]