How Getting What You Want makes You Unhappy #61

Have you ever heard someone say “know your why”. What does that mean?

In essence it means, know the reason you are doing something. Let’s take it a level deeper than that though. Is the reason you are doing something genuinely to make yourself happy, or is it something you are doing because you are “supposed” to.

So often, we get trapped into mindlessly chasing things, that we don’t actually even want! Our society has built in this formula for what success and happiness looks like, but if you never check in with what YOU actually want, you could reach your goals and find out that you still feel unfulfilled.

Press play on the video below to find out more about why getting what you want may not actually be making you happy, and how to fix it!


About the Author

Chris and John spent decades forging the understanding of deep practice in the quest to master the disciplines of martial arts, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle design.