Thank You Virginia and Hot Asana #3

Thank You Virginia Gallagher and all the teachers and students of Hot Asana for welcoming us with open arms. We had an amazing time and loved sharing our humble teachings of Peace and Happiness. We thank you all from our entire hearts and will see you all again soon. Deep Blessings The Yax Brothers


How Do You Get Your Calcium? #2

Got Leafy Greens? My wife and I were talking to a Registered Nurse and the question came up “So if you don’t use dairy at all, how do you get your calcium?” This is the common question for those who get their information from mass media. We are bombarded by ads that tell us how […]


To Juice…Or Not To Juice…#1

To Juice or not to Juice, this is the debate amongst health practitioners. I have raw-foody friends that say “no” to juicing, and I have vegan friends that say “yes” to juicing. So what gives??? The question comes down to nutrients versus fiber. When we juice veggies, we get lots of nutrients but we get […]

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